Itinerary planning is not a cake walk

Have you ever wondered why Christopher Columbus, Vasco Da Gama, Ibn Battuta and many other legendary travelers are still remembered? At a time when there were doubts about the world being round or flat, routes undiscovered and many of the distant shores were unknown, they set out to the oblivion.

They may have launched into a voyage to the unknown with an Ulyssian spirit, but that is history. Modern and contemporary travel is a planned and well thought out affair. Travel has come a long way.

Planning to travel!! You do not exclaim so these days and your wandering spirit need to be tamed to a structured itinerary to maximize the pros from the trip rather than ending up grappling with the cons. And thanks to the networked and tech-savvy times we are living in, there is an ocean of information available for you to bank on to plan your travel.

You no longer need to be baffled with a new country or its whereabouts. Just pick up a destination and get its entire know-how on your fingertips. Let's ponder on why an itinerary should not be missed.


You exactly know the outline of your trip and plan ahead accordingly. It helps to keep a tab on your travel time, days and hours of operation for various destinations as well as time taken to cover an attraction. Book your tickets beforehand and save yourself the awful queues especially during peak season. These will help you prioritize and use your valuable vacation time neatly.


Planning ahead helps you get the best deals on flights and hotels. Spot tickets cost more at times so don't leave out the chance of saving some bucks. If you have your commute sorted you could use the public transport and travel easily without having to take expensive taxis or cabs. By planning ahead you will have a fairer idea and budget accordingly.


From knowing which restaurant you want to dine in, to where you want to shop, an itinerary eases out your schedule while on a vacation. Don't miss out on the festivals and concerts while you could be a part of it. An important and deciding factor in setting up your itinerary is the weather forecast ? you can pack and organize your time successfully.

An integral part of your travel, making an itinerary can be time consuming. If you don't have the patience or skill to do so, why not ask professionals for guidance. Travel industry experts are there for a reason; they help you maximize the fun and minimize the stress.