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The Art of last-minute travel

Apr 10,2017 / Travel Tips

By Admin

In a fast world, last-minute travel has become an essential evil.

Gone are the days when travel planning was an annual process where you combined the list of official holidays with the school vacations to plan a picture-perfect break in advance.

Thanks to the new marvels of technology, 'fast' has become the new essential and travel is no different. Our lives and schedules have become more unpredictable than ever and this has given rise to a number of last-minute trips.

But with the excitement of an unplanned trip also comes the stress of putting everything in place in the shortest possible time. In order to win this battle of last minute travel, keep three golden rules into consideration:

Listen to Social Media

Your friends may know it all but you need to know exactly what the?spur-of-the-moment decision makers do when it comes to travel, in fact how they make optimum use of digitization to tap the best deals on stay and travel essentials?while adhering to brevity. Social Media is filled with travel experts shedding advice and tips along with photos of every possible destination. Just look for the right ones and gain some assurance before you travel!

Go Digital ?

Ditch your travel agents and become your own travel planner. Interestingly, this fast gripping trend of impulsive travel has given rise to digital platforms that can offer a comprehensive solution for all types of journeys. Not only digital has the power of speed it also offers travelers a truly customized and local experience with a very personalized service.

Choose a trusted service provider ?

The internet is filled with possibilities as various websites provide similar travel services. Apparently, the biggest drawback of this genre of traveling is that in some cases you end up spending towering amounts for tickets, accommodation and for other travel essentials if you don't choose the right online platform. Let efficiency and authenticity in service decide who your trusted travel service provider is. Once you find them ? stick to them!

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Happy Traveller stories

  • Rossan Mendoza


    "I always thought applying for a visa is a very time-consuming process, particularly when it is a group travel. We had a family wedding to attend and trust me, One Vasco took complete care of our group. The staff was super helpful and assisted us well on what documentation was necessary."

  • Adrian. S


    "In midst of all the travel planning, I realized that we have not taken Travel Insurance yet. Fortunately, One Vasco came to my help and with the click of a mouse from the comfort of my home, I could subscribe to a plan that was transparent and priced good."

  • Ariana Aurelia


    "A first time business traveler to Thailand, I was very worried about getting a visa on time, insurance for my travel and hotels with English speaking staff, as I was afraid of a language barrier. All of these things got sorted thanks to"

  • Irfan Sheikh


    "Getting my international driving license without running around and just in a day before traveling to Europe from Dubai was one of the most amazing customer service. The bonus was that besides getting the licence, they also helped me find a reliable car rental service that suited my budget perfectly."

  • Rehan Siddiki


    "Superb assistance by One Vasco staff on everything that we needed to know and do during Umrah. They helped our group with flight tickets and hotels which were very close to Makkah. Price for the trip was quite reasonable and we also received a gift of Irham set."


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  • The Art of last-minute travel

    In a fast world, last-minute travel has become an essential evil.

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